Also known as Loader Crane. It is a truck vehicle that has a crane mounted onto it at the back. They are used for the loading and unloading heavy cargo, usually a single item, but they can also be used for construction and repairs. When it comes to heavy transport and abnormal loads, a lorry crane is a highly versatile bit of equipment that is prepared to take on anything from building materials to containers and cars.

Regardless of your location in Malaysia, we are able to provide our lorry crane services to your worksite at your convenience.

Save the hustle of loading, delivering and unloading your bulk item with our lorry crane.
We deliver your item with care and ensure it arrives as good as how it was load in. 
We make your delivery worth the cost you pay.

Safe your time, safe your budget.
Let us help you settle your work effortlessly.

Looking for a lorry crane rental? Troubled by tall and far working height?
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